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Re: Sun newbie w/ SparcStation 5

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Paul Lorah wrote:

> Hi-
> I am new to the world of Sun and the Sparc architecture.  I recently got
> a SparcStation 5 real cheap, but have no idea what is on it or how it is
> configured, and was hoping to run Linux on it.
> However, I am unable to connect to it in any fashion.  I have a type 5
> keyboard and mouse, and I got a 13W3 to DB15 vga cable to connect my
> Radius L1 monitor (supports up to 1600x1200).  When I connect both, I
> power it up, but nothing appears on the screen.  I do hear the hard
> drive accessing like it is booting an OS.  Two SBUS video cards are
> installed, I tried connecting to both to no avail.

I too have a sparc5-110 and a 13W3-db15 adapter cable, but haven't tried
it on the ss5.  I tried it on an old ipc, and got nowhere with that.
> Next, I tried console over serial.  I used ZTerm on a Power Macintosh
> and a modem cable to connect to Serial A on the SS5:  9600, non-parity,
> but nothing appeared on the console as I booted the sun...

I have managed to console my IPC to my winblows peecee (db9 -> mac serial
-> IPC) and didn't have a problem.  It may be in the prom that serial
console is disabled.
> Any ideas what to try.  I also tried STOP-A and cntrl-c to break into
> the OpenBoot promt with no luck.

Try here for information, I found this page (and it's
resources) invaluable in learning about the Sun's
arch: http://www.obsolyte.com/

Also google can by your friend :)

> Thanks,
> Paul Lorah


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