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solaris problem

From:sheng8613@sohu.com   [email to :  sheng8613@sohu.com ]
Sub: solaris problem

Dear debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
I have a SPARC4 SUN workstaion.It can boot the solaris system originally.
But when I copy another workstation's some *.dat files into this machine
It can not bootup agian.the files is:/etc/dfstab,hosts,nodename,remote,
ttydefs,vfstab.When I boot up the machine it shows:
"WARNING_/USR/sbin/fsck not found. most likely the mount or /usr/ faile or
the /usr/ file system is badly damaged.The system is being halted.Either
reinstall the system or boot with the -b option in an attempt to cover.
Ayncing file systems ...done
Program terminated
Ok "
At this condition I can not boot up the system again.
And when I reinstall the solaris 2.5.1 or 2.6.I can not boot the cdrom.why?
I hope you gave me some assistance.thanks very much.

Best regards
micheal sheng



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