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Problem getting X Server to tun on Ultra Sparc 10 with Debian 3.0.r1


I have been trying unsuccessfully for about three weeks (on and off) to get
the graphical User interface to work on my Sun UltraSparc 10 box. I presume
it has an Elite 3D PCI card inside as the sticker is on the front of the
box. My monitor is a Sun 19inch with a CM751U label on the back.

I have been running xf86config for weeks now trying all sorts of
configurations. I don't really know what my horizontal and vertical refresh
rates are for the monitor that I have. I also don't seem to see Elite 3D or
CM751U listed in the video card and monitor lists that xf86config presents
me with.

I can enclose the full output if people like from the server log. The last
lines however mention the following:

(EE) SUNFFB: Failed to load module 'dri' ...
(II) unloading /usr/x11r6/lib/modules....
(II) unloading /usr/x11r6/lib/modules....

Fatal server error
No Screens found

I guess that the last configuration that I choose must have been for the
subffb card. I can't remember. I have tried so many.

I have read elsewhere that I should try running the xserver-mach64. I don't
actually know how to do that. It is a command line instruction?
It says also after that line in the debian online sparc problems page that
'one should.. use this X server for ATI Rage framebuffers, such as found in
many PCI-based UltraSPARC machines'. My question here is 'DOes the
Ultrasparc 10 have an ATI rage framebuffer'?

Everything else I can get working. I installed all the network settings
manually but the X server has totally baffled. I have installed about 7
different versions of linux on over 20 PC's in the last 18 months and I have
always managed to somehow get the X server to work but my ultrasparc has
beaten me.

Any help appreciated.

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