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Failed build process (segmentation fault)

Hi gurus.

I've a old IPX server with Debian Woody and I'm getting a lot of random problems in build process. For example,
this is the output for a failed build of sendmail.

debian-sparc:/var/tmp/sendmail-8.12.9/sendmail#  sh Build
Configuration: pfx=, os=Linux, rel=, rbase=, rroot=, arch=sparc, sfx=, variant=optimized
Using M4=/usr/bin/m4
Creating /var/tmp/sendmail-8.12.9/obj.Linux..sparc/sendmail using /var/tmp/sendmail-8.12.9/devtools/OS/Linux
Making dependencies in /var/tmp/sendmail-8.12.9/obj.Linux..sparc/sendmail

../devtools/bin/Build: line 793: 7965 Segmentation fault ( cd $obj; ${MAKE-make} depend ) <==== LOOK HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!1

Making in /var/tmp/sendmail-8.12.9/obj.Linux..sparc/sendmail
rm -f sm_os.h
rm -f sm_os.h
ln -f -s ../../include/sm/os/sm_os_linux.h sm_os.h
ln -f -s ../../include/sm/os/sm_os_linux.h sm_os.h
(cd ../../libsm; sh Build )
cc -M -I. -I../../include main.c alias.c arpadate.c bf.c collect.c conf.c control.c convtime.c daemon.c deliver.c domain.c envelope.c err.c headers.c macro.c map.c mci.c milter.c mime.c parseaddr.c queue.c readcf.c recipient.c sasl.c savemail.c sfsasl.c shmticklib.c sm_resolve.c srvrsmtp.c stab.c stats.c sysexits.c timers.c tls.c trace.c udb.c usersmtp.c util.c version.c >> Makefile Configuration: pfx=, os=Linux, rel=2.4.20, rbase=2, rroot=, arch=sparc, sfx=, variant=optimized

I don't know what happen because I repeat this process in a x86 box and it works fine. Are there any problems with build process in
a SPARC-LINUX systems ? Are there any requeriments ?.

Thanks in advanced!

Juan Antonio

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