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Re: Debian 3.0 on a Netra T1

jeu 01 mai 2003 à 08:23:25 -0400, Ben Collins a écrit :
> > To partition, I first wrote the Sun disklabel (s under fdisk),
> > then put whatever partition schema that suits me.
> I'm hoping that when you created the partitions you did not delete the
> 3rd "Whole disk" partition.
You're right, I did not delete the 3rd "Whole disk" partition.
(I performed the installation with the debian install guide under the

> Also, how did you enter the sectors/tracks/cylinders? I would suggest
> just hitting '0' for manual, and enter for all the defaults after that.
Which is exactly what I did.

> How big is this disk? Does the kernel detect it properly? When it seems
> to freeze can you hit ALT+F2 to the other console window and see if the
> machine is still alive?
The disk is around 36GB. The kernel seems to detect it all right.
When I say "console", I mean RJ45 console cable through Serial A.
Meaning, one single tty, an no additionnal tty that would allow me to look
at logs / try something using a shell.
Otherwise, yes, the machine is alive (ctrl+sth brought me back to the
"initialize partition" menu).

It really seemed as if the install goes OK as long as there is not too
much disk access. Formating a swap is still OK, formating a more
reasonable partition (1 GB for /) is not.

Guillaume Tamboise

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,
then you win." -- Gandhi

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