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Re: DSA 282-1 and Bug #156937

Hm, due to the suggestions in this thread I tried:

dpkg --remove libgcc1
dpkg --remove libc6-sparc64
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install libc6-sparc64

It did the trick. Now I have the same libraries as before in an updated version. Why does apt-get choke when you try to update things in one go?


Arthur van Dorp wrote:
Uninstall libc6-sparc64. If you want working 64bit runtime+compiler,
upgrade to gcc-3.3 and libc6-sparc64 in sid/unstable.

Ugh, I'm caught in a dependency problem. apt-get doesn't want to uninstall libc6-sparc64 because it's needed but won't upgrade it either. dpkg doesn't want to remove it because libgcc1 depends on it. I don't know what libraries I need for a working system (non-developping and no solaris emulation). Any hints?


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