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Re: error on boot up

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 04:32:03PM +0800, lito lampitoc wrote:
> Hi Nathan,
> Thank you for answering my questions. I followed every step you told me
> but it didn't work. Running 'silo -r /boot' gives me the following
> error:
> Fatal error: cannot open second stage loader /boot/second.b
> I have the following partitions:
> sda1 	/boot   10MB
> sda2    /   	2GB
> sda3    Whole Disk
> sda4    swap	512M
> sda5    /var    4GB
> sda6    /home   10G

Do this before running silo:

ln -s . /boot/etc
ln -s . /boot/boot
mv /etc/silo.conf /boot
ln -s /boot/silo.conf /etc/silo.conf

That should take care of thing for you. I'm starting to think I should
do this by default for the sparc stuff. Makes life easier and works in
both cases.

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