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NFS and kernel panic

When I export a mount point in /etc/exports, I get the following when I 
reboot the machine:

Starting NFS kernel daemon: nfsdUnsupported unaligend load/store trap for 
kernel at <--------->.
kernel panic: Wheee. kernel does fpu/atomic unaliged load/store

I found this from 2001: 

This mentions 2.2.20 kernels fix the problem.

This is on a freshly loaded stable 
Linux sun1 2.2.19 #1 Mon Apr 2 14:21:55 EDT 2001 sparc64 unknown

I tried using nfs-user-server and was able to export.

This problem seems a bit old.  I must be missing something - but what?  Is 
using NFs the problem?

Mike M.

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