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Re: sparc station 1 does not uncompress kernel

I don't think this can be triggered by a boot floppy.

Older Sun machines have nvrams which contain a battery
to remember your eeprom settings as well as your hostid
and possibly your ethernet MAC address.  If the system is
powered off, and the battery is weak or dead, you can
lose your settings.  The whole story is explained here:


I had this problem with an Ultra 1 Creator machine and was able
to first patch it up with the nvram programming explained
on the site above, and then fixed it permanently with
a new nvram chip from mouser.com for about US $20.

--Donald Teed

On Fri, 28 Mar 2003, Andrei Smirnov wrote:

> Sparc Station 1
> sun4cdm rescue floppy
> it boots, but after Uncopressing kernel ...
> it says:
> IDPROM: invalid format code (or smth like that)
> and is back into its rom-prog
> boot or command or smth
> >
> help please!
> -- 
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