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Re: Netinst failing

What about to try complete net installation? So if you can, set up tftp
+ rarp server on your network and than with "boot net" typed into your
open boot prom it is really easy. I've installed in a such way the
Ultra1 with no floppy and cd. It is completely described in Debian
Installation Manual, or have a look at Ultralinux.org FAQ, which are
also useful.

          Good luck.


Patrick Schoonveld wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I picked up the netinst ISO from
> auric.debian.org/~bcollins and attempted to use the
> power of apt-get to get my Ultra 2 going with Linux.
> Except, whenever the install program goes to get the
> kernel from the debian ftp site, it looks for the 2.88
> install disks. None of the mirrors have the 2.88, just
> the 1.44. Any suggestions on how to rectify the
> problem?
> I would prefer not to have to download the whole ISOs
> (seems wasteful) nor the full distro to the hard drive
> and I don't have another system where I could set up
> the sparc compiler and build it myself.
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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