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RE: 2.4 boot disk

hmmm... I have a 2-3 month old CD (jigdo image) that defaults to 2.2.20,
with no option for a bf24.

I downloaded the latest floppy images (3.0r1a) an couple of days ago and
they default to 2.2.20 as well, no bf24 as far as I could see.

I just finished and burned the jigdo of the 3.0r1 CD. I looked at the
vmlinux contained in /boot/sparc32.gz. I did text search for 2.4 in that
file. Nothing. A search on 2.2 returned plenty of 2.2.20.

The silo.conf only contains references to that /boot/sparc32.gz for sun4cdm

The sun4u 64bit kernel may well be 2.4.18.

I'll check on the Sun boxes when I arrive home this evening.

I have an SS5-110 and an SMP SS20 (Ross ROM 2.25), both sun4m.

Thanks for answering!


> -----Original Message-----
> From: daren@adoptionmedia.com
> debian 3.0 r0-1 both default to 2.4.18 with the source,headers and images
> for both 2.4.18 and  2.4.19 as well
> Daren
> > Nicolas WILL said:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Is there a woody 3.0rx installation boot CD or floppy with a 2.4
> >> kernel (like the bf24 option on the Intel port)?
> >>
> >> I'm trying to setup boxes with RAID1 and LVM.
> >>
> >> Such a boot disk would simplify the setup process so much...
> >
> > I downloaded debian 3.0r0 ISO images about 3 weeks ago and they
> > defaulted to 2.4.something, at least on my ultra 1. perhaps if
> > you have a 32bit system it may try to use 2.2.x I'm not sure,
> > SILO wouldn't let me load a 32bit kernel even when I tried(didn't
> > care either way personally). or maybe it did but the kernel
> > wouldn't boot.
> > nate

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