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Re: Next question

Yeah, dselect is still around. C'mon, the guy's new to Debian. You wouldn't want him to miss out on a classic, wouldya? :)

Chad Miller wrote:

On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 08:45:23AM -0800, Patrick Morris wrote:
Inhabitant of Zion wrote:

BTW on another note is there a specific place that you can go to find
alist of all the apt packages that are currently available under Debain


Gag, gag!  dselect is still around?

$ apt-cache search <regex>
(use . to get a list of all packages)

# apt-get install <name>

Also how does one log in as root?

Eh, I'm not sure we can help very much with this.

Is there something wrong?

						- chad

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