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Re: Sparc5 woody CDR boot woes

Daniel van Eeden wrote:
hava a look at...

Excellent, thanks!

The machine is laid out as follows; Sparc5 with 64MB (sorry, don't know which CPU...banner isn't telling at power-on or at OpenBoot prompt!),

did you look on the back?

Ummm, no!  Must think laterally...  :-)


My bookmarks file overfloweth!

You're sure it's the sparc version?


Try a different color recordable or a different brand...


did you use md5sum to check the image?


My sparcstation doesn't have a cdrom nor a floppydrive....so I used 'boot net' and it worked just fine....

As advised by many others, I'll try the netboot solution this morning. Many thanks to all for the advice! ../Taras

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