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RE: [barry@cashwise.co.za: Bug?? in Woody]

I had the same issue with my Ultra 5.

I was able to find a patch for the firmware, apparently it is a common issue....at http://sunsolve.sun.com

It has been so long I have forgotten the patch, but I do recall I found it by using the error message from woody.

Bill Beesley
Director, Commercial Network Operations
Cox Communications

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I wish someone familiar with Sparc could explain your problem, Cc: to
debian-sparc. Please keep Cc:'ing to debian-boot if you find a solution
and it could be implemented in the boot-floppies.

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Hello Guys (and Gals),

I am a very newbie to the Linux community, but when I was given a
Sparc5, I felt I must become involved.  Now, to the bug??.  I installed
Potato without too many problems and this runs well.  But, when I
decided to upgrade to Woody, the installation went well until boot time.
Then, I was told that the proms were buggy and could not read past the
first 1Gb of my hard drive (2.1 Sun Seagate SCSI) and asked for the
image to boot.  After much frustration, I reloaded Potato, which as
previously, works great.
The Sparc is a SparcStation5/70 with 64Mb RAM and a 2.1Gb HDD, SCSI
CDRom, SUN keyboard,no floppy, no monitor.  I use a Wyse terminal to
communicate with the Sparc.

Barry Eslick

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