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Re: [barry@cashwise.co.za: Bug?? in Woody]

When you upgrade to woody you need to take some care. First of all,
upgrade your souces-list in /etc/apt: if you installed by CD, changing
to http souces. After that, BEFORE you try an upgrade, atualize libc6
using dpkg -i libc6 (after the download of the package, of course). Take
care with silo upgrade.
I made more than 10 debian-sparc installation using this method I always
it worked fine; and I installed in Ultra's and SparcStation"s.
To avoid this method, I think you should download the cd images of debin
woody, and install it directly.
Well, I hope I could help you in some things. If you want, write me more
specific question and I'll try to answer.

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 06:06, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> I wish someone familiar with Sparc could explain your problem, Cc: to
> debian-sparc. Please keep Cc:'ing to debian-boot if you find a solution
> and it could be implemented in the boot-floppies.
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> Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 08:47:12 +0200
> From: "Barry Eslick" <barry@cashwise.co.za>
> Subject: Bug?? in Woody
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> Hello Guys (and Gals),
> I am a very newbie to the Linux community, but when I was given a
> Sparc5, I felt I must become involved.  Now, to the bug??.  I installed
> Potato without too many problems and this runs well.  But, when I
> decided to upgrade to Woody, the installation went well until boot time.
> Then, I was told that the proms were buggy and could not read past the
> first 1Gb of my hard drive (2.1 Sun Seagate SCSI) and asked for the
> image to boot.  After much frustration, I reloaded Potato, which as
> previously, works great.
> The Sparc is a SparcStation5/70 with 64Mb RAM and a 2.1Gb HDD, SCSI
> CDRom, SUN keyboard,no floppy, no monitor.  I use a Wyse terminal to
> communicate with the Sparc.
> Regards
> Barry Eslick
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