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no power-off on sun4m 2.4.20 kernel

Good day,

 I've recently installed a 2.4.20 kernel onto my SPARCstation LX system
running Debian 3.0.

 It had previously been running the Debian 2.2.20 kernel image and
everything seemed to be working fine--- the machine would power-off on

 When I upgraded to the 2.4.20 kernel (using Debian kernel source
package, fresh off the servers using an apt-get), the machine no longer
powers off on shutdown.

 I've been looking through mailing list archives and googling but have
found no information indicating any problems with this on sun4m machines.

 Any suggestions in getting this to work? I saw no options during my 'make
config' of the kernel to specify this... in the past I believe it is
something that "just worked".

 I've also tried using the "poweroff" command with no luck.

 Matthew Haas           Squirrel's Law #209203923: "Thou shalt ignoreth
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