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fbi (just blue) and kernel 2.4.20 problems

I used fbi with my ss4 and the onboard TCX8. I bought a TurboGX and added it to the system. Everything seems to be allright....But if I use fbi then the image doesn't show up, and all the fonts turn blue. The tux who shows up while booting looks very good, so does the sun logo. (I've got 2 framebuffers now. The TCX8(onboard) and the TGX(sbus))

I also bought a soundcard. I tried to compile kernel-source-2.4.20 with make-kpkg. I also tried to compile a 2.4.20 vanilla kernel. Both didn't work. The screen turns black on the moment when the linux switches to the framebuffer, and then a very friendly "watchdog reset" message apears. It's a ss4 with a sun4m cpu, a TurboGX and a Crystal soundcard.
Kernel 2.2.20 runs w/o problems. (but I like sound)

I'm running sid.

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