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Re: Problem installing 3.0 on Ultra5...

yoda2 <yoda2@yoda2.xs4all.nl> writes:

> Dear Gordon,
> I think the problem with the UK keyboard is not debian - specific.

Indeed.  The kernel crash is triggered by a bad keymap file in
console-data (commented with `!', not `#').  See the list archives and
a long-outstanding bug report of mine with an oops for the kernel.

> So I think you
> have to live with the fact that you install it as a US-keyboard.

You had to do that with 3.0 and correct it later.  If this hasn't been
corrected in 3.0r1, please bug the console-data maintainer to make
sure it gets into r2.  I'm pretty sure it's corrected in testing, but
as far as I remember my revamped UK map isn't in there.

[Unless you can remember the US layout, beware of non-alphameric
characters in the initial root password :-/.]

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