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Error reading fixed disk drive

I have a p-III, with 815ep chipset, 128 SDram, 40 GB HDD and 800mhz (Intel CPU). Recently I purchased a 40 GB hard disk/ 7,200 rpm (Samsung). Before performing FDISK, I configured my hard disk in the BIOS and it showed correctly and it was set in the primary master and CD-Rom in the primary slave. After configuring, I used my bootable CD and performed FDISK. I partitioned my hard disk into c:(as active/bootable), d:, e: and f: (Logical drive). I used 50% in my c: and the rest into the ext.dos partition. Then the rest of the hard disk space have been assigned into the ext. dos to create logical drives d:, e:, and f: After that I chose (4) "Display Partition information" to see my final partition. Everthing showed correctly like c: as A (active) 50% and ext.dos 50% and logical drives d:(20%):, e:(20%) and f:(10%).
Next, I rebooted  my system and formatted c:/s, d:, e: and f:.

Eventually, I installed win ME and there was no problem. Now I want to repartition my hard disk because my f: is missing. But whenever I use my FDISK command in the prompt, I get error message like "ERROR READING FIXED DISK DRIVE" . I tried my bootable cd in my friend's computer--(thinking that it got corrupted) but it worked fine.There was nothing I could do. I tried partition magic too....yet no chance. My system is still working properlt. why I can't repatitiom my hard disk? There was no error in the scan disk and defragmentation. In fact my vendor will repalce. But doing so, would pl. suggest how to set it right.

Thank you.

Kokrajhar, Assam.

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