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Dual-CPU Sun SS600MP board and Debian?


I'm resurrecting my Sun SS600MP board (it's fitted in a neat Sun 3/110
enclosure which it set up for vertical mounting), and I'm going to run
either Debian or Gentoo Linux on it.

One question I have - how good is the multi-processor support on Sparc
systems? The SS600 board has a pair of 150 Mhz Hypersparc CPU's fitted,
and the board has the Ross 2.14.3H OBP set installed.

One application of the machine will be to build kernels to run on
Javastations since I want to 'deploy' a few of them around the house to
provide network access in bedrooms, etc. for the kids and my wife to use.

What is the level of support for Javastations like in Debian?



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