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Re: SCSI hard drive in IPX

On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 12:52:16PM -0800, Niall Parker wrote:
> Kinda prompted by Ivan's intro, but anyone can feel free to advise ;)
> Is there anything special I need to account for to use a SCSI drive from
> a PC on a SPARC IPX ? I'm just getting started with an old IPX, and while the
> original 428 MB drive works fine, I can't get either of a couple of ex-PC
> SCSI drives to work yet.
> All of the drives are Seagates, and I've followed the doc's to set them up
> in an equivalent fashion (I think), yet after the kernel boots, the new drives
> both have trouble spinning up (and time out eventually). I think I have the
> terminators worked out (the drive controllers are recognized).

Some (most?) scsi disks have a jumper to make them spin up on power-on.
Some systems require this to be set.


> I note that the original disk has a SUN428 show up in drive description, is
> there something specific about the controller in a Sun supplied drive as
> opposed to a generic unit from Seagate ?
> Pointers/advice appreciated, thanks.
> 					... Niall
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