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SCSI hard drive in IPX

Kinda prompted by Ivan's intro, but anyone can feel free to advise ;)

Is there anything special I need to account for to use a SCSI drive from
a PC on a SPARC IPX ? I'm just getting started with an old IPX, and while the
original 428 MB drive works fine, I can't get either of a couple of ex-PC
SCSI drives to work yet.

All of the drives are Seagates, and I've followed the doc's to set them up
in an equivalent fashion (I think), yet after the kernel boots, the new drives
both have trouble spinning up (and time out eventually). I think I have the
terminators worked out (the drive controllers are recognized).

I note that the original disk has a SUN428 show up in drive description, is
there something specific about the controller in a Sun supplied drive as
opposed to a generic unit from Seagate ?

Pointers/advice appreciated, thanks.

					... Niall

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