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Re: cd boot fails: kernel can't find root fs

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 12:36:16AM -0500, Marc Horowitz wrote:
> I have an ss10 with a cdrom drive and no floppy.  I used jigdo to
> download and burn a 3.0 cdrom image, which worked without a hitch.
> When I put the media in and boot it, SILO loads, and I hit enter to
> load the default kernel image.  the kernel boots, then things stop
> working so perfectly:
> The host is obviously seeing the cdrom drive.  The kernel appears to
> be seeing and loading proper drivers for the cdrom drive.  But it's
> loading the root fs from the wrong place.  /boot/silo.conf has an
> initrd line which points to a file which contains a compressed ext2 fs
> root image, as I would expect, but the systme doesn't appear to be
> loading it.
> Does anybody have any suggestions?

I just type 'rescue' at the CD's SILO prompt and install successfully
from there. I can't seem to use it as an actual rescue CD, though :(
Nate Campi   http://www.campin.net 

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