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Re: Building gcc-3.2.1 for sparc64 on a sparc32?

> Assume /usr/local/src/gcc-3.2.1 is the src dir and
> /usr/local/src/objdir-gcc-3.2.1 is the dir to be built in.
> $ cd /usr/local/src/objdir-gcc-3.2.1 $
> /usr/local/src/gcc-3.2.1/configure --target=sparc64-linux \
> --host=sparc64-linux --build=sparc-linux --prefix=/usr/local/gcc-3.2.1
> Is that a right use of target/host/build?
> What other configure options do I need to set? What .deb packages do
> they in turn require to be installed to be able to build gcc-3.2.1
> this way?

So the sparc64 you are installing this on has 64bit runtime? Do you have
64bit runtime to link against? If not, I'd leave it as a sparc host with
sparc target:

 --host=sparc-linux --build=sparc-linux --target=sparc64-linux

That will build for an ultrasparc target, default to v7. Then your new
compiler can build 64bit binaries from either host (just like Debian's
compiler does), sparc or sparc64.

If what you really want is a 64bit binary, then you need to do the above
step first, so that you have a cross-compiler that can build 64bit

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