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Re: any fix/workaround for: #156937: libc6-sparc64 2.2.5-11 conflicts with gcc-3.0

>  it seems like bugs:
>#162551: libc6-sparc64 conflicts with fakeroot (52 days old)
>#156937: libc6-sparc64 2.2.5-11 conflicts with gcc-3.0 (94 days old)
>  have not been fixed, they prevent me to dist-upgrade (I am trying to
>upgrade from stable to testing, not sure if that matters), at least in
>'normla way (using either aptitude (commands ugg) or apt-get update &&
>apt-get dist-upgrade).
>  any info about whether this going to be fixed (when?)?
>  is there any workaround?

BenC suggested to remove/re-install all packages depending on


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