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Re: [lwlan-devel] Support of SPARC arch planned ?

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 02:05:31AM +0100, Olivier Bornet wrote:
> - use the orinoco_plx driver
> - use the prism2_plx driver from linux-wlan-ng.
> Now, the "good" part ;-) :
> I want to install the "PCI-version" on an SPARC Ultra 10 running Debian. :-)
> The first try of orinoco_plx cause problems with the kernel, so I downloaded
> the linux-wlan-ng-0.1.16-pre5 version. Unfortunalty, the __sparc__ CPU is not
> supported. :-(

Please bounce me your patches for this; To my knowledge nobody's tried
to build on a sparc before, and I don't have access to a PCI sparc.  I
actually have a Ultra2 at home, but my project to write a pcmcia driver
for the SBus STP4020 pcmcia controller got stalled a long time ago. :)
> I have try to add some code in src/include/wlan/wlan_compat.h, and after some
> "hack" for compiling (use sparc64-linux-gcc, use ld with the correct flags,
> ...), I have now a module prism2_plx. Cool. :-)

Normally, the Configure script will just pick up the compiler and build
flags from the kernel makefiles.  I take it this didn't work?

> Now, when I load the module I have in the logs (really close to the test with orinoco_plx) :
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel: init_module: prism2_plx.o: 0.1.16-pre5 Loaded
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel: init_module: dev_info is: prism2_plx
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel: A PLX PCI/PCMCIA interface device found, phymem:0x1ff00008000, phyio=0x1fe02000480, irq:6747200, mem: 0x1ff00008000
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel:               \|/ ____ \|/
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel:               "@'/ .. \`@"
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel:               /_| \__/ |_\
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel:                  \__U_/
> Nov  6 01:46:43 cool kernel: modprobe(3002): Oops

Pass this oops through 'ksymoops' so we can see exactly where the crash

> I'm ready to check/compile/test anything, as I really want to have it working
> on the SPARC system. So, if someone can help me, I will be very happy.

Once upon a time, linux-wlan-ng was supposedly 64-bit clean (on the
Alpha).  But that was a long time and many releases ago.  Not to mention
straight PCMCIA only.  :)
Other possibilities -- around line 186 of wlan_compat.h add in a check
for SPARC.   Many BE architechures implicitly reverse the endianness of
data going over the PCI bus, and that screws us up.

Anyway;  compiling with debugging turned on (and turned up to level 4 or
so) will help find out what's going on.

 - Pizza
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