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Re: Adding new ethernet card to Sun20

ifconfig -a does not show an eth2.

dmesg shows some of this :

eth0: Carrier Lost, trying TPE

Which is fine, it comes up on the TPE.  No other eth messages.

  I get this in the OBP :

sbus-probe-list       fe0123                         fe0123

I don't seem to have much luck with the following :

ok probe-sbus-all
probe-sbus-all ?
ok probe-all

I also cannot find drivers for a single port FastEthernet card.  Any more
suggestions appreciated!


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> >
> > I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious.  What is it?
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> Sounds to me like it is not being probed by a proper driver. Try doing:
> ifconfig -a
> If you don't see eth2, it isn't initialized by the kernel.
> Try looking at "dmesg | less" for signs of a problem. Also, at the OBP
> prompt do "probe-sbus-all" to make sure it is being detected.
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