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Sparc 5: installation failed

Hello everybody.

I have problems installing woody on a SparcStation 5 Clone. I checked the 
archive, but I could not find any hint. 

Some months ago, I installed a woody (testing state) without problems - my 
first Linux on a Sparc. But this installation died during an online update. 
So I try to re-install, but it does not work. I downloaded the boot floppies 
and try to do the rest via http/ftp. The floppies work fine, but when the 
installation over the net has started, I get an error message: 

    debootstrap exited with an error (return value 132)

tty3 has more information: unresolved symbol hfs.o

I started again and tried to load fs/hfs as an additional driver. I was asked 
to install into kernel, I said yes. But - this results in unresolved symbol 
__bzero, installation failed. What is going wrong here?

Can anybody help?



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