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lp0 off-line

Helo for all,

I am using one Sparc Staion 4 (sun4cdm) and, since I installed the
system I never got /dev/lp0 (lp1 and lp2) under /dev. I don't know why?
I got the kernel 2.4.19 and compiled it using the sunparport opption. It
compiled fine (although I had some problems with bad opptions I put on
scsi devices that some of you helped me to correct them). Now at the
boot process I get lp0 and parport informations.
Well, after that I did "MAKEDEV lp" at /dev and got lp0, lp1 and lp2. I
installed cupsys (the complete package, including bsd commands),
configured it via browser, but it doesn't work! I always receive the
message that lp0 is off-line.
What can I do to fix this?

Thank you in advance for your attention,


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