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Available kernels for SS4 and firewalling

I did a clean install on a Sun Sparcstation 4 to use this machine as
a gateway and firewall (and perhaps some other small network related

I have most experience in working with 2.4 kernel based systems. I
use Shorewall, an iptables based firewall on machines that support

I can't seem to find any kernels other than 2.20 for this
architecture. Is it impossible or discouraged to use 2.4 on an old
Sun machine like mine? I don't mind compiling a new kernel if it
should potentially work.

I seem to be able to apt-get shorewall. Is iptables back-ported?
What other shorewall like solutions can I consider for an install
once, never mess with kind of system?

As you may have noticed I am not very knowlegeable about
iptables/chains and what have you, but I want to secure my local
network. I considered OpenBSD on the SS4 but since that os is
completely new to me I'd rather stick with Debian. I felt safe,
hopefully not unwisely so, with shorewall on my intel system. Please


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