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Debian Woody on a Sun T1 and X1

  I thought I'd pass back my comments about the Debian 3.0 CD and my
attempts to install it on a T1 and X1.

The T1
Its the older T1, 105 I think they're called.  The old 2.2 Debian
installed fine on them.  The new one has problems.  You get *lots* of
CD timeouts, so many that it is impossible to get past the point where
you install the base system.  Everything up to that point seems ok.
Abandoned it there and reverted back to Solaris, sigh.

The X1
I was expecting problems.  I got a few.  First problem is nothing to do
with Debian, no CD.  So I gutted a PC and stole its IDE drive and opened
the T1 and installed it sort of hanging out.
CD booted, then stopped, no /boot/sparc64.gz  typed rescue, which didn't
go to rescue but booted and went into normal install mode, cool!
BTW, /boot has a sparc64 (no gz)

Installation went fine, except the dreaded evil X1 ethernet ports.
Ah yes the loverly Davicoms. Well after *lots* of mucking around I
found out through mainly trial and error that you use the tulip driver
(they should rename it to freak card driver, anything wierd uses it)
of course murphy says the tulip driver is not visible in modconf...
Yay, detected, but then Tx buffer timeouts, I hate those because its
Finnish for "something is screwed with the driver".

OK, try the tulip driver withi option full_duplex=1 and.. it works!
Except my link lights are flashing at me.  The port works fine and it
seems all ok, except if there is no connection they flicker.

And then... the bloody ports are back to front.  eth0 is port 1 on the
back and eth1 is port 0. That's annoying.

Still, the X1 is working, been up for 7 days straight now. No ethernet
errors. I'm converting two more tomorrow.  I think I'll leave the X1 
as Solaris.

  - Craig
Craig Small VK2XLZ  GnuPG:1C1B D893 1418 2AF4 45EE  95CB C76C E5AC 12CA DFA5
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