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Of sparc installation by floppies

  I've just installed woody on my Ultra1 - it is a headless machine and
thus I did the install over serial; here are a few comments that I
hope are useful (I considered submitting these to boot-floppies bugs -
but the list of unresolved bugs is several times the size of the
resolved list, with most years old).

sparc issues
1) The system reboot checklist is very x86 - I mean most sparcs don't
care if they have other media sitting in removable slots.

2) I hit 'the file just loaded does not appear to be executable'; when I
rebooted.  The problem here is that I'd put the first partition to
start at cylinder 1; booting as disk0:c to use the whole disk partition
solved that.

3) I saw some 'cannot create /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe: directory
nonexistent' messages during the install - but fortunatly I didn't need
any modules.

serial issues
When installing off network the paths in the progress boxes are too
large for the box.

On a serial terminal (minicom in konsole) I couldn't see any progress

I couldn't see a cursor or similar when selecting the locales I wanted
to keep.


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