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Can't boot install on Blade 100 - WAS: What choice for Type 6 keyboard

tclwrap wrote:
My mesage is below, someboday help please!

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From: "tclwrap" <tclwrap@worldnet.att.net>
To: <mlist-debiansparc@x-tec.de>; "Uwe A. P. Wuerdinger"
Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2002 11:52 PM
Subject: Re: What choice for Type 6 keyboard


   Newbye, I have a Blade 100 also and could not
get a cd that installs debian correctly. I have the following cd's that
failed (all SPARC versions and seem to contain
vmlinux64 or something similar):

   Debian 2.2r2
   RedHat 6.2
   Mandrake 7.0
   Suse 7.0

Most recently, I downloaded version 3.0 for UltraSPARC boot files and


not get them to boot either (tried to boot from disk: boot disk
/linux64/root.bin where I saved the files). Any advice?

M. Baccar

As a general rule, you don't want to start a new thread using an existing thread (Type 6 keyboards have nothing to do with your issue).

I only tried Debian, but never could get my SunBlade 100 to boot from the CD. Another poster mentioned that you need a firmware upgrade on the Blade 100s to get the CD to boot, but I wasn't able to try that. Instead, I went the tftpboot route.

Is your Blade 100 a standalone machine, or is it networked? If networked, do you have access to a tftp server that you can set up for tftpboot?


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