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Unresolved Symbols in ipv6 and iptables :-(

First of all, thanks for the help with Silo.

Apparently Silo cannot load a kernel if it's larger than 2.5 MB.

So I tryed to make as much as possible as modules.
But I'm quite stuck now.
The only things left which I could build as modules are ipv6 support and the whole ipv4 iptables stuff.

But none of them works if I build them as modules. All I get is a load of 'Unresolved Symbols'.

I did delete all existing modules prior of remaking them.
I also did a make clean and make dep prior of rebuilding vmlinux and the modules.

Anybody an idea how I can build working modules of ipv6 and the iptable stuff?
Other Modules like filesystems etc. work without a problem.

It's Kerken 2.4.18.

Or any Idea how I could make Silo boot a 2.8 MB Kernel?


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