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How to install a new kernel?

Hi all

This is probably a stupid newbie question, but it's the first time I install Debian on a sparc and I could not find any hint in the Kernel Readme.

Apparently there is no make bzImage in a Sparc.

So I read the docs I found and tryed to figure out how silo loads the kernel image.

What I did looked reasonable to me:

make vmlinux (and modules etc...)
gzip vmlinux and call it vmlinuz.
copy it to /boot/vmlinuz (where the 2.2 kernel from debian also resides)
Copy System.map too.
edit silo.conf and make it point to the new kernel.

But, Silo on the sparcstation 10 I use won't boot. Something about the image not being in the right format, not fitting in a buffer or similar.

What's the right procedure to install a new kernel on a sparc4m then? As I understood I don't need to execute silo like it is needed with lilo to tell it the address on the disk.


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