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Unidentified subject!

Dear Recipent,

   Hi. I discovered your email while browsing the internet. I work for a
budding theatre group in Kingston, Ontario, and I 
would like to know if you would join our email list. Our list is secure
and you will receive email only from us. Please check 
take a brief moment to check out our website at
www.get.to/princesstheatre. If you are interested in joining our email
to keep up to date on the best Theatre Kingston has to offer, just send an
email to the email address listed on the website 
and letting us know.

   Thank you for the gift of your time and consideration,
      Beau S. Schwartz

Here is an example of what our email notices will look like:

Plan 10 Theatre Presents 

The World Premiere of
Written and performed for the stage by 
Luke Stanley Davies

August 14 - 17 2002
Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30PM
At The Princess Court Theatre
394 Princess Street, Kingston Ontario.

TICKETS $5 And can be purchased in advance at the Grizzly Grill!

www.get.to/princesstheatre <http://www.get.to/princesstheatre>

JUGGLERS AT THE BRINK is a new one-man show, created and performed by 
Kingston playwright Luke Stanley Davies. It is dynamic, multi-layered 
exploration of Hope and Fear as choices, a journey which spirals down 
into the depths of despair . . . The play begins in a night club called 
The Brink, and as with most people at The Brink, the characters begin 
to lose focus on their immediate surroundings and are suddenly forced 
to look at more frightening aspects of humanity. The result is a by 
turns hilarious and by turns terrifying look at the tragic 
circumstances that govern our lives . . . and how the hero, Chris 
Fearindello, discovers the secret that we all know but won?t say. 

The show runs just over an hour and is suitable for mature audiences 

About The Playwright

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Luke Stanley Davies is a growing 
talent in the realm of acting and the realm of writing. He is a Queen?s 
Drama Alumni, and he has starred in numerous productions across Ontario 
including performances with the 1000 Islands Playhouse Company and 
Young Company, Plan 10 Theatre, and he runs and performs for his own 
production company, Lazyphatman Productions. JUGGLERS AT THE BRINK is 
the second show he has written. 

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