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Re: Solaris Binaries - 2002 question!

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 07:23:50PM -0300, Eduardo Mendes wrote:
> Hello
> I read the thread on the list dated from May, 1st 2001 but (as a newbie) I
> wonder whether someone could help me with some issues:
> a) Do I need have any lib from Solaris 2.6 itself?  I have wiped mine for
> good (of course, I have a pack of solaris 2.6 CDs that came with the sun but

Yes, you need the libraries, of course. Mainly, just about everything in
/lib just to be sure.

> I suspect that the installation CD is no longer available!)
> b) Do I need to recompile the kernel for solaris emulation or does debian
> 3.0 already come with this option on?

modprobe solaris

> c) Does it work for all kind of solaris binaries?

It "works". But it cannot emulate core Solaris kernel functions. Things
like asynchronous disk i/o, solaris kernel modules, some obscure
ioctl's, etc...

> d) Anything that I should know before going for it?

You're best of using the stuff in a chroot. Easier to keep it seperate,
and works better.

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