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Re: booting on a sunblade 100


> i'm booting on a sunblade 100, and there is an error that i dont uderstand
> it says
> fast data access MMU Miss

I had the same error when I tried to install Woody on my Blade 100. This seems 
to by an OpenBoot bug. So just update the PROM to the latest version and 
everything should work fine.
You can find the update here :


Note that I was not able to update the PROM with the update file on an ext2 
partition. It worked only when I reinstalled Solaris :-( and put the file on 
an UFS partition.

If you have other questions about installing Woody on a Sun Blade 100, just 
ask on the mailing list. I should be able to answer to some of them, as I 
managed to install it myself (but it was not painless ;-)


Olivier Hochreutiner

P.S. : Sorry for my English ...

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