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Re: Mail Server?

"Jones, Steven" wrote:
> Some good points made. But what's wrong with source. I have a few little
> apps I like to run, ok its on my intel laptop <tut>, but there are no
> .debs for them. I have an area under /usr/local/src that I use to keep
> tabs on what s/w I use that isnt .debs.
> Then again, I suppose if your looking after a set of servers then you
> would want to have the easy upgrade path etc... Hmmm, maybe I should
> have put more thought into this reply. :-)
> Anyway, source isnt as bad as it seems. Honest.
> Simon
> Managability as you pointed out. What irritating is that tar.gz's and source
> is the minority, rpms the norm, redhat rpms wont generally install on a
> debian system and work....
> Im being forced to run Red Hat, when I'd rather not.

  what I think is the best solution is to install everything into
/opt/package-version and possibly use stow to create links in
/usr/local. That way you can easily uninstall anything, just use stow to
remove links and remove the /opt/package-version.

  for the packages that don't play nicely: just leave them in /opt and
create wrapper script(s) that sets the environment properly...


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