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Re: Boot floppies broken on SPARC?

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 03:02:26AM +0200, Franz Georg K?hler wrote:
> My Situation:
> Sun Ultrasparc (E450), console is connected via ttya (9600 bps), this
> machine does not have a graphics card.
> Today, I tried to install Debian/woody but failed, the rescue disc boots
> fine from floppy, but when the system is ready for the disc containg
> root.bin, it is locked up (to be more accurate: the system doesn't
> accept input via the terminal, nor does it output anything).
> I thought about a terminal issue (maybe linux expects console not on
> ttya?), see attached the firmware's environment and the bootlog.
> Setting the kernel parameter console=ttya didn't solve the problem.

Actually, sun4u doesn't really expect to be booted from floppy, so it is
rather untested. Try using this small net-install ISO image, or use tftp


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