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Re: rebooting problem

On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 12:01:41PM -0400, Matt Soccio wrote:
> This will create a kernel deb file in ../ and you can use dpkg to
> install it.  For the i386 version, there is also a make-kpkg
> modules_image that returns nothing for me on an Ultra, but when I
> install the new kernel, all of my modules are there.

the modules_image target is a little non-obvious.  This does *NOT* refer
to modules within the base kernel since these are included within the
kernel-image .deb (you can confirm this with a "dpkg -L").

Instead, it refers to third party modules that are installed in
/usr/src/modules.  For every subdirectory in that location, modules_image
will compile against the target kernel and create a .deb of that.

Under i386 you might use this for the lm-sensors modules or nvidia kernel
modules.  Most people will never use it - I've never used it on my sparc



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