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Re: Again ss20 serial...

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 10:32:40AM +0800, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
> > On Jun 11, Marco Gaiarin illuminated :
> > I've done some search with google. Seems that effectively sparc HW have
> > the serial limited to 38400, more (but nonstandard) higer speed are not
> > reilable.
> > But i've found only information about sunos/solaris and *BSD.
> > 
> yes that's right.  hardware limited to 38400.  The OS on top of it doesn't
> make a difference.

However, I believe there are sbus serial cards with linux support and
you might be able to find a used one on ebay or something. I am using
a magma card in an old IPX for this purpose (with OpenBSD) and it
works quite well. Check the supported hardware list if you want to try
this. I know that there is no magma support (hence my OpenBSD box) but
I recall seeing that there are some...

-- Mark

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