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Re: Again ss20 serial...

Mandi! Marco Gaiarin
  In chel di` si favelave...

I quote myself:

> In a SS20, if i set the serial to 38400 BAUD, really i set this to
> 38400 or to some factors like x2 (57600) or x4 (115200)?!

I've done some search with google. Seems that effectively sparc HW have
the serial limited to 38400, more (but nonstandard) higer speed are not
But i've found only information about sunos/solaris and *BSD.

I've to setup my sparc as a home gateway with a 56K modem, kicking out
an old 486, so please say me: my sparc (ss20) have seral port limited
to 38400?!


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