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Re: Sound on Ultra 30

Matt Soccio wrote:
I just got Debian running on a U30, upgraded to testing, upgraded to
2.4.18 kernel.  I have the cs4231a compiled into the kernel, and it is
being recognized:

ripple[2] dmesg | grep audio
btaudio: driver version 0.6 loaded [analog+digital]
audio0: cs4231a(eb2) at 1fff1200000 irq 13,7e3

However, I still get the error messages about problems initializing
/dev/dsp.  I have tried to MAKEDEV audio, I have tried chmodding
/dev/audio and /dev/dsp to 666.  What else am I missing?  I see in the
archives that there are a handful of questions about this (or similar
problems) mostly on SS's, does anyone know of a good HT or FAQ to get
sound going on a U30?

All I really need is a system beep for mail notification and such.



I had a problem with this for a while. The way I got it to work was to compile the sun audio support into the kernel and compile the cs4231 as a module. Aslo make sure you dont have sound card support compiled in as with that compiled in it doesnt work. Also you may want to make the switch to devfs as it is better in my opinion.

lots of luck

/usr/games/fortune -s > ~/.sig; cat ~/.sig


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