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Re: Sound on Ultra 30

Here are some pointers, but they did not get me the whole way there.  I
am still having issues with the sound slot and sound service modules not
loading.  I have tried to alias them via modules-update to read:

alias sound-slot-0 cs4231
alias sound-service-0-3 cs4231

but to no avail.  Does anyone know where this source code is?  I dug
around in my source tree under drivers and arch/sparc* but don't see
anything relating to cs4231.  Anyway, hope this helps:

A. L. Pacifico wrote:

>First look at /etc/pam.d/login   Read this file and see if the
>uncommented lines are correct in your case.

When I diffed the files, I needed to uncomment this line:
auth       optional   pam_group.so

>Second, go to /etc/security/group.conf and add the following line:
>at the prompt type groups and see if appears "your username" cdrom
>floppy audio.
>Finally, go to /dev and change all devices from the audio group giving
>chmod 664.
>As I used ultra30 also, I added the two above files I cited to this
>mesage in order to you look them an check with yours.
>Good luck... and have fun!

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