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ip failure's on 2.2.19-

As far as I know from looking around on the `net, this problem has never
been addressed and has been an issue for a long while.

When doing ip tunneling (with iptunnel / ifconfig + route / or iproute2)
it always fails.

I wrote up a decent lil doc so far on what I've done to fix it (if it is
possible) and what I _may_ do. I was wondering if any of you have come
across this problem and/or actually gotten it to work.

please check it out @ http://linux.lithiumnode.com/tunnel/

I'm doing this for work at a site where they only have these 2 Ultra 5's
at my disposal, so I've got to work with what I've got.

FYI - This is not a problem with syntax or config, but an actual
software/and/or/module(ipip) problem.

/ Aaron

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