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Re: Become a SPARC maintainer?

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 04:05:28PM +0200, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> Since I now have a SPARC (a very slow SS4), and I'm testing
> my OWN packages on that, I thought of officially become a
> SPARC maintainer (a very sleepy one though), so I at least
> can upload my own packages...
> I was part of the ARM port when that started some years ago, but
> for various reasons couldn't continue that.
> How's this ARCH porting work these days? Oki to upload the .deb
> for the specific arch right away?

It's your package, you do what you want with :) I build sparc, powerpc,
hppa, i386, mips and arm when I upload my own packages. You can do it
one of two ways.

1) Build the primary package with full source, then build each arch
package (using the -B option to dpkg-buildpackage). Then sign all the
.changes seperately.

2) Or do like I do, build all the packages and then combine all the
.changes into one. Mainly just copy the Files: section from each arch
only build to the primary .changes that includes source files. Then add
each arch to the Architecture field. Sign after completing this process.

Whatever you do, do not upload your main package, and then expect to
upload for sparc the next day or even in just a few hours. The new
incoming process means that the sparc autobuilder will pick up the
upload rather quickly and have already built it before you can upload.

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