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Re: base-config workaround for sparc?

On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 03:20:41PM -0400, Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:
> I've been trying for days to get woody onto a dual processor Sparc 10.
> It looks like Ben's recent ISO works well, I've just been butting against
> some bugs in packages and then some dumbness on my part (like forgetting
> that I needed to do 'boot disk3:d' to boot from the 4th partition of
> SCSI target 0...)
> Now I'm stuck with the base-config looping problem (fortunately after 2
> days it occurred to me to check the bug pages).  Now, I'm installing from
> a serial console, so I can't just hit another VT and kill base-config.
> Someone suggested booting in single-user and installing the correct
> version of base-config, but there's no networking tools (that I can
> find) installed in the base system.  Anyone have any suggestions?
> If not, anyone know how soon base-config should get pushed into testing?

This is a -user question really, but I'll cover it real quick.

Base-config in woody is broken. It's fixed in sid. You'll have to either
wait for it to move to woody (soon), or workaround by switching to
another terminal, moving /etc/inittab.real to /etc/inittab, and

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