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base-config workaround for sparc?

I've been trying for days to get woody onto a dual processor Sparc 10.

It looks like Ben's recent ISO works well, I've just been butting against
some bugs in packages and then some dumbness on my part (like forgetting
that I needed to do 'boot disk3:d' to boot from the 4th partition of
SCSI target 0...)

Now I'm stuck with the base-config looping problem (fortunately after 2
days it occurred to me to check the bug pages).  Now, I'm installing from
a serial console, so I can't just hit another VT and kill base-config.
Someone suggested booting in single-user and installing the correct
version of base-config, but there's no networking tools (that I can
find) installed in the base system.  Anyone have any suggestions?

If not, anyone know how soon base-config should get pushed into testing?


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