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Re: can it do pictures?

* Craig Ian Dewick <craig@lios.apana.org.au> [020222 14:57]:
> None of the GX/TGX family can support more than 8-bits of colour depth,
> despite what people will try to tell you. Even the GX+/TGX+ which have
> extra video RAM cannot do more than 8-bit colour. All the extra VRAM on
> those framebuffers provides is more storage space for the extra pixel data
> for higher than 1152x900 display sizes.

And double-buffering... it'll speed things up, but it's still only
8-bit. :)

> There is a special AFX-bus 24-bit framebuffer for Sparcstation 5's (Sun #
> 501-2337) but as far as I know Solaris 8 doesn't support it. Debian might
> (?) but like most non-SUN OS's 24-bit colour support is very primitive if
> it exists at all. Can anyone confirm/deny support for these 24-bit colour
> options in Debian/Sparc?

According to the Xsun{,24,Mono} manpage on Potato:

        "Xsun24  supports  the  cgeight 24-bit  color  frame buffer in
        addition to the 8-bit color and monochrome frame buffers that
        Xsun supports. On  Linux it  supports  TCX,  CG14  and
        Creator/Creator3D in 24-bit color mode in addition to these."

There are two TCX cards, the 8-bit one for the SS4 and the 24-bit one
for the SS5.  I hear that the 24-bit one (aka. the S24) is dog slow, but
I haven't confirmed this.

I have an SS20 with the 8MB VSIMM... I run it at 24-bit at 1280x1024 on
Debian/Potato with the 3.3.6 Xsun24 server.  It works fine, though a bit
slow... especially when compared with my U1/170E's Creator 3D.  I also
haven't tried it with X4, so I don't know if/how well it's supported

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